Compare and Contrast on Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience composed by William Blake

The nurse’s songs

William Blake

Compare and Contrast


Summary:   In songs of innocence, William Blake sings the songs of enjoyment and happiness and he is the piper of happy and pleasant songs, which make the children more delighted to hear. Here, she keeps herself in very close with nature and children. She feels very happy and relaxed in her heart when the children play, shout and enjoy the scenery of the around. There the nurse allows the children to play more when they protest (আপত্তি করা) against her command to go and sleep.  In experience, however, the nurse is dissatisfied and angry disobedient.

The songs of innocence and experience show two contrary states of the human soul and these are needed to make human evolution possible. The poem in two sections, have a difference of character between them. Songs of experience set out on imaginative vision of the state of innocence.

The voices of the children heard in songs of innocence are a serious ‘whispering’ (পিসপিসানি), the children’s shouts echo (boom) and the valleys and hills are alive in the poem here. But in The nurse of experience finds the children’s playing a waste of time. So, the children are wrapped up in silence.

Innocent is a state of heaven, there is no conflict, no anger. But though the state of innocence is wonderfully charming, it is not everything, and cannot last long. To attain a higher state, man must be tested by sufferings and he must go through the actual experiences of life. This is the link between songs of innocence and songs of experience. Songs of experience show how life challenges, corrupts and destroy it. Experience is a state of disappointment .The soul that ran to embrace the world with open rams is rejected.

In songs of innocence Blake sings of bliss and happiness. He is the piper of happy and pleasant songs which children are delighted to hear. In experience, however, he is disenchanted and angry rebel. Naturally for that reason, his tone is bitter. In songs of innocence the atmosphere is one of the harmony, peace and joy. This is proved in a poem like Holy Thursday but the atmosphere changes completely in the songs of experience.

According to Blake experience destroys the natural, spontaneous, selfless love which characterizes innocence love. His view is that love demands not merely tolerance but forgiveness and brotherhood. But love in the songs of experience is corrupted in many ways:

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